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Wordpress Back-up Plugins

Great post on Blogger Sense describing some useful Wordpress backup plugins:

5 best Wordpress Backup Plugins 2012

I have used 2 of the plugins mentioned but wanted a plugin that backed up both my SQL database and the website file structure.

I went for number one on the list: BackWPup

and confirm that it works really well.

Excluding Wordpress Category from Feedburner Feed

I wanted to exclude an Wordpress category from appearing on my Feedburner RSS Feed:

Login to Wordpress & make note of category ID
Posts > Categories > hover over required category & make note of number appearing at bottom of screen.

Login to Feedburner
Edit Feed details links (at top left)
Amend Original Feed address & add category number

To do this will more than one category, use &

Excluding Wordpress Category from RSS Feed

Needed to exclude a Wordpress category from my RSS Feed.

Found this very simple code that goes into your functions.php file:

function myFeedExcluder($query) {
 if ($query->is_feed) {
return $query;

This comes from

Displaying your RSS Feed on Wordpress Page

New page required for our WordPress website, Ski Press. I wanted to pull the RSS feed, from our Skiing blog and display it on a Ski Press page.

Good round-up from Problogger on all the options:

However, I didn’t want to use a plugin. So used this code from WP Tuts+:


1. Create custom page template
Created PHP file, added this code to the top of the file:
<?php /* Template name: My Custom Page Template */ ?>
Copied all the code from my page.php, into this new page.

2. Added code to pull RSS feed into page, from WP Tuts+ (see above link)

3. Saved PHP file and uploaded into Wordpress theme directory

4. Then able to create a Wordpress page and select the template

5.Added some CSS to style the RSS output
Here is my Page:

Jan 1

Wordpress 3.3 Upgrade

WordPress rolled out version 3.3, in mid December.
Seems it was mostly an interface update.

WordPress Introduction to 3.3 ‘Sonny’:

Good information on: Tips to upgrade successfully

Mashable update: WordPress 3.3 Update Refines Features, Interface

Sitepoint article: What’s new in WordPress 3.3

**Update: WordPress 3.3.1 brought out with fixes and security patch

15 Entertaining & Informative WordPress Infographics

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